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Boiler repair, radiator repair & leak repair 

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Adams Plumbing & Heating have over 14 years of experience completing central heating repairs throughout my local area. I strive to offer a fast diagnosis of problems and ensure that targeted repair work is carried in a way that helps prevent future problems from arising. 

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Due to our Gas Safe Registration, I am able to cover all aspects when it comes to central heating. Gas Safe Registration is a legal requirement and ensures that engineers have carried out the correct training and are held to high standards of Gas Safety. 

Common central heating problems that I fix

It can be frustrating when something within your central heating system is not functioning as it should. My repair service strives to make the repair service smooth and stress-free. Catching central heating problems early and calling in a qualified technician can help prevent the problem from developing into a more expensive or even dangerous issue. Below I’ve included some of the most common central heating repairs that I carry out and how to spot these issues before they get worse. 

Broken boiler pump

A broken pump can cause circulation issues throughout your boiler system and can cause your boiler to not respond well to your thermostat. The most obvious sign of a broken boiler pump is a grinding noise which could be an indication of dirt and debris stuck within your pump. The boiler’s pump is a central part of your boiler system and is a common failure point for boilers. 

Faulty expansion vessel

An expansion vessel is another failure point common in faulty boilers. An indication of a broken or compromised expansion vessel is fluctuations in pressure. You can easily check your boiler's pressure by taking a look at the pressure gauge - usually located on the front of your boiler. This gauge should read between 1 and 1.5. If your boiler is outside of this range calling in a repair service is highly recommended. 

Frozen condensate pipe

Unsuitable materials used for the condensate pipe are the cause of a frozen condensate pipe. A condensate pipe is the boilers method of safety getting rid of the byproducts of the boiler system. When this pipe is blocked, your boiler will usually shut down as a safety mechanism. If you notice your boiler switching off - there may be a deeper issue at play. 

Radiator faults

Radiator faults are one of the easier ones to spot. It can be an indication of a deeper issue within your boiler system and may need more attention than a radiator bleed. Adams Plumbing & Heating fast diagnosis and repair will help get to the bottom of your radiator problems.

If you are experiencing any of the signs mentioned above or any central heating issue, call Adams Plumbing & Heating today using the contact details below. 

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